Thursday, October 02, 2008

Believe It or Not...

I want you to study the picture below for a 15 seconds... be sure to take it all in.

I'm fairly certain this is wrong on more than one level.

I'm all about deep fried foods... my friends will tell you of my love of the humble corn dog. And of hosting a deep fryer party... a party where all the food was cooked with a deep fryer.

So anyway, back to our tasty tidbit... Sausage on a stick? That appeals to me for some reason... Oh yeah, I'm sure I could go for that. And I sort of understand wrapping it in pancake batter... there has to be something there to absorb the grease from the sausage... kind of like the english muffins they use for breakfast sandwiches at McDonald's. But to include chocolate chips in the batter?? To continue with the McDonald's analogy, that's turning it into a McGriddle, and I've never liked those.

Still, I wonder how the sales were... Probably higher than what I'm guessing right now...
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