Monday, October 20, 2008

The Final Crisis?

January solicitations are up and it appears Final Crisis 7 is not going to see J.G. Jones drop pencil to paper. To me, it's just another indication of trouble with DC's big summer event. After the Sinestro Corps War, I admit, I got spoiled.

From the moment I heard that J.G. Jones was the artist on this event, I thought something was off. Sure, some of those covers he drew for 52 were very good, but I've never understood what made him 'the hot artist', if he was. I think the choice of artist seemed like one of the first fumbles... Then he proved unable to deliver the whole 7 issues in the series, so Carlos Pacheco pitched in for Final Crisis issues 4, 5, and 6. Now J.G.'s not even doing issue 7? Man, that is weak.

Another problem was evident with the first issue. It had an absolutely horrible cover design that must have been ripped off from Marvel's Civil War event.

I'm so disappointed with this 'event', I'm embarassed to have it on my pull list. The only reason I've stuck with it this far is because of Grant Morrison. I have great respect for him as a writer and creator, and that faith keeps me coming back. I know the story will be good, but is anyone even paying attention any more? I think the message is lost in the medium.

I'm not really excited about this series anymore. Please DC, just get the issues out so I can read them and put it behind me. I'm looking forward to Rage of the Red Lanterns and the upcoming Blackest Night crossover more than I am looking forward to the end of Final Crisis. Sorry DC, but I have to be honest.

Infinite Crisis let me down with unfinished Phil Jimenez artwork and Final Crisis with what I said above. That makes Crisis on Infinite Earths the only event to deliver what these events always promise! There's a crisis with the Crisises!
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