Sunday, October 18, 2009

Action Figures

The Pop Culture Fair was on today and I wandered down to see what they might have to offer. I found Aquaman's arch-nemesis, Black Manta, for 25 dollars...
and a super-cool-holy-crap-this-looks-so-awesome! Hawkman for 10! I probably would have paid at least 20 dollars Canadian for each figure (including shipping) if I bought them off eBay, so all in all, good deals!Considering I wasn't even planning to purchase these figures, I've gotten the two harder ones out of the way. There's just a regular Aquaman and a variant (long hair Aquaman) that were released in the same wave as Black Manta. All I need is the regular version and I'll have all the Aquaman related DC Universe Classics figures! Sweet!
I'm not a huge Hawkman fan, but this figure looked so cool that I had to buy it! His colors are so vivid and his wings are posable too... I'm actually tempted to take him out of the plastic and display him in very cool ways!
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