Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Aquaman Merchandise!

I'm now the proud owner of these wonderful busts! Aquaman was designed by Carlos Pacheco, and Mera was designed by Terry Dodson!

First up is our hero himself, Aquaman! Comes complete with trident! Features the helping tentacles of Topo, his octopus companion. I don't even mind that Aquaman's belt and symbol are completely wrong... it still looks great! I really like the way his shirt catches the light... very nice! And number 56 out of 3000 isn't bad either!

And here's Mera (and Topo again)! Mera has never gotten this kind of attention from DC before... She hasn't even been made into an action figure yet! So, you can see I had no choice but to support her by purchasing it and letting DC know there's an audience waiting for more Aqua-merchandise! Number 118 out of 3000, so still pretty good!
They look great together!
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