Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Car!

My Kia Sephia needs work and at this point in the car's lifetime, I think it'll cost more to fix than it will ever be worth, so I considered purchasing a new vehicle. I looked online and really couldn't find a lot in my price range, but there was a Suzuki model that looked pretty good... It was a matter of seeing how I fit in it. I'm happy to say I fit just fine! It's a Suzuki SX4 Sedan Sport model. It actually has way more head room than the Kia and the trunk is huge! It's completely loaded with heated seats and mirrors, smartpass entry system, 9 speaker stereo system, 17" alloy wheels, and bunches of other cool things! And at a price I can reasonably afford! I pick the new car up Tuesday after work!
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